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Commercial Building

Commercial Works

Commercial building projects are a speciality of Lifestyle Lodges and we are experienced at working to meet and exceed our corporate client's expectations.

Our consultation process gathers your project requirements and we work to deliver on-time and within budget to meet deadlines.

At all times we aim to deliver a safe work environment for your organisation.

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Granny Flat

Granny Flats

If you're looking to build a granny flat, then you're in luck!

Granny flats can be approved in a quick 10-day turnaround period if they comply with the Complying Development Conditions put forward in the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP.

And whether you're looking to build a home to meet your family's needs or improve upon your investment, a quick and almost guaranteed approval is priceless.

These are the five golden rules you must satisfy to get the quick-and-easy approval we are talking about:


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Home Builder

Home Renovations

At Lifestyle Lodges, we offer a quality building consultation service that can help you avoid the heartache of unsatisfactory work and give you a realistic written consultation report.

From beginning to end, Joe guide's the Client's through the consultation and report, and often throughout the project, from inception to completion.

As this is a family-run business, it is imperative to ensure that our clients receive the best quality service and leave their experience with our company extremely satisfied.


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structural work

Structural Work

Lifestyle Lodges are experienced, skilled builders to complete structural works in your building projects.

If you are looking to renovate an older property, the biggest challenge presented by older homes is the creation of a modern open-plan design. This work often requires the removal of walls and serious structural modifications so that the open-plan design can be achieved.

Fortunately, at Lifestyle Lodges, we have the experience and skills to make this difficult process easy by taking the stress off our clients and leaving them with a beautifully modern design they can enjoy every day.

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We will guarantee your satisfaction with our service and the project we complete for you.

In a technology-ruled world, we prefer to develop our client base through word-of-mouth, relying on our quality workmanship, old-fashioned service

and the high level of satisfaction of customers to maintain our reputation in the industry.

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Commercial Works
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Granny Flats
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Structural Works

Lifestyle Lodges Pty Ltd is also a proud member of the Master Builders Association of NSW