Three Bedroom Brick Exterior Granny Flat


Three Bedroom Brick Exterior Granny Flat


This granny flat was constructed in late 2013/early 2014 for a client in the Western Suburbs. With a brick exterior, modern kitchen and tiling throughout, it is an example of one of our middle-of-the-road packages which satisfies the desires of any potential tenant as well as mediating the costs for our client.


Front View

In this instance the client chose to complete the landscaping independently.


Front View - 3

Front View - 1

 Front View - 3

Front Door / Entrance to Garage (on Left)

The choice of door was consistent with our clients desire for a clean and contemporary façade.

Front Entrance - 1

View of Living Spaces from Front Door

View of Living Space from Front Door - 1

View of Living Spaces from Back Door

The main lounge area is featured at the front of the Granny Flat, with all outlets conveniently placed for the tenants use.

View of Living Space from Back Door - 1


Kitchen - 2

Kitchen - 1

Kitchen - 3

 Dining Nook

Dining Nook - 1

Back Door

Back Door - 1


Bathroom - 1

The choice of a combined shower and bath is effective in meeting the needs of both independent adults and those with young families. It also continues the contemporary décor that is found throughout the granny flat.

Bathroom - 2

Bathroom - 4

Bathroom - 5

Bathroom - 3

Bathroom - 6

The choice in mosaic tile is the perfect complement to the modern fixtures and minimalistic style of the bathroom.

Bathroom Decorative Tile - 1

Bedroom One

Bedroom One - 1

Bedroom One - 2

Bedroom Two

 Bedroom Two - 2

 Bedroom Three

Bedroom Three - 1


Laundry - 1

 Laundry - 3

 Laundry - 2