Two Bedroom Cladding Exterior Granny Flat

 Two Bedroom Cladding Exterior Granny Flat

Initial Wall Frame Up

Initial Frame Up

Granny Flat at Full Completion including Finishes & Appliances

Side Entrance on a Residential Block

Separate Entrance for Granny Flat

Completed Granny Flat (Rails to be Installed)

Granny Flat - Front View 1

Granny Flat - Front View 2

Side Yard & Utilities

Granny Flat - Side View 1

Granny Flat - Side View 2

Rear Access to Utilities & Plumbing

Granny Flat - Accessibility to Services

View of Side Entrance from Verandah of Residence 

View of Side Entrance for Granny Flat from Verandah of Residence

View of Granny Flat Building from Verandah of Residence

View of Granny Flat from Verandah and Yard

Interior of Granny Flat


Kitchen 1

Kitchen and Living Space

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

High Quality Appliances

Kitchen Space 1

Induction Cooktop-Rangehood-Stove


Alarm Pad Installed

Alarm Pad

Moveable Island Bench with Stool Storage

Moveable Island Bench

Lounge Area

Lounge and Living Area

Doorway to Bath/Laundry and Bedroom Two

Access to Bedroom Two and Bathroom

Bathroom/Laundry – Options Available


Bathroom - Vanity and Shower

Laundry-Bath Room

Laundry 2

Decorative Tile

Decorative Tile Option 1

Bedroom One including Built-in-Robe

Bedroom One

Bedroom One - Personal Verandah

Bedroom Two including Built-in-Robe

      Bedroom Two - Built In Mirror Robe